Hello there! My name is Doug. I’m a composer, sound designer, and dialogue editor for video games, animation, and film. I provide full-service custom audio solutions to independent and small game developers and film makers. I also license and sell audio packs on major platforms such Unity Store, GDM, and Unreal Store to name a few I absolutely love creating music and sound effects, so always feel free to reach out and ask me anything you like, I love hearing from you! I’m an avid gamer myself and regularly play the latest releases. Honestly, can’t get enough… I might need help.  




Master’s Degree in Music Composition for Film and Multimedia, New York University 


Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition from Chapman University, Conservatory of Music, CA.

video games

Original Soundtrack – Buluk Mayan Warfare is an Aztec/Mayan themed game where players use Sword and Magic against their enemies. 1521, the Mayan world stands on the brink of collapse. Peace between the Yucatan tribes continues to fracture while foreign invaders lay siege to the Aztec Empire. Tensions between your Tribe, the Tutul Xiu of Uxmal and the Cocom tribe of Tulum have escalated into all out war. Only a lone Hero stands the between the Xiu and destruction. Available on Steam! 

Main Menu Music – A wild and wacky animal racer, Primal Pursuit throws players into deadly race tracks in an ancient competition to reign as the supreme clan. Harness your mount’s powerful abilities to fight to the front of the pack while avoiding numerous traps and perils. Available on Steam!


Gotta Go When The Volcano Blows! This was a Global Game Jam I participated in. Pretty good size team! You play as villagers trying to protect your island from a deadly volcano. Using the power of rhythm, play through short mini-games to appease the gods with your rituals and save the island from doom. I composed/produce a recurring music track along with 20 different sound effects.